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Our Beginning.

There was a time when self-defense meant masculine-looking products in boring packaging. Enter the Atteberry family, who realized that if pepper spray were designed with a girly aesthetic in mind, it would change not only the product category forever, but finally get girls excited about taking ownership of their safety.

CEO and Co-Founder Andi Atteberry and her mom leveraged the forgettable pepper spray that their overprotective dad/husband kept buying for them into a sparkly, over-the-top, gift-packaged personal safety accessory.

Today, Blingsting is the category leader in “cute” personal safety and has changed women’s expectations for self-defense products and safety accessories.

Blingsting was the brand challenger to the pepper spray status quo, a product that had not seen a reinvention in almost two decades, becoming a darling in gift shops and specialty boutiques overnight.