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What to Consider When Buying Pepper Spray!

What to consider when buying pepper spray is a topic that comes up a lot. Pepper spray is one of those things that you just assume works – but most people don’t really know how or why. And then, of course, it only works if you have it on you and unlocked, ready to fire, in a dangerous or threatening situation.

Here are our top tips for what to consider when buying pepper spray:


Look for at least 10% OC (oleoresin capsicum) formula. This is generally the hottest formula allowed by law enforcement in most US states. Also, make sure it contains a UV marking dye. This helps ID attackers by law enforcement, even if the pepper spray has been washed off. It’s a must! Consider also the streaming range. A good range is 8-10 feet, allowing substantial space to be maintained between the user and the attacker.


Size of the canister matters! A ½ ounce pepper spray is great for your keychain but won’t do much to protect against a bear attack! And pepper sprays meant for home security will also be much larger than portable pepper sprays that are meant to keep her safe outside of the home. Make sure the size fits the intended use and it’s good to pick up a few different size options.


What features the canister has to keep it accessible are very important to consider when buying pepper spray. Does it have an easy release clip that makes it accessible at a moment’s notice? Our Blingsting pepper spray is designed to be worn as a bag charm so that it’s on the outside of your bag, backpack, or on your dog leash at all times ( and not buried inside the bag where it will be so lost).

Hope this helps clarify what to consider when buying pepper spray. Good luck in your search!


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