Police Strength = Girl Strength

Police Strength Pepper Spray Purse Charms Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Andi Atteberry
Blingsting CEO, Pepper Spray Expert

We get asked a lot at blingsting.com if our pepper spray is as ‘hot’ or as strong as other brands on the market. The answer is a big huge resounding: YES! Our police strength pepper spray purse charms are the maximum strength, 10% OC (2M SHU) formulation which, yes, can be called police-strength. OC stands for oleoresin capsicum (fancy words for hot pepper) and SHU stands for Scoville heat units. Just some biz jargon for ya. What all this really means is the way that pepper spray is tested and measured for heat content.

What’s funny is most people don’t know that we source our pepper spray from the leading US pepper spray manufacturer. This company makes not only our pepper spray but the pepper spray that is sold around the world, as well as trusted and used by law enforcement. They send us the formula, and we turn them into the cutest little police strength pepper spray purse charms that you’ve ever seen!

No, Blingsting pepper spray does not ‘spray glitter’. Yes, it’s covered in sparkles and packaged in a gift box, but that’s because I’m a girl and I like things in nice packages. And over the years of building this brand, we know that other women can’t help but feel the same. 

Blingsting pepper spray is a very serious, very strong mix of hot pepper extract and water. It just happens to be presented in a way that makes it extra cute, and extra accessible. By creating this line of police strength pepper spray purse charms, we are giving girls of all ages the option to be safe and smart and on-trend. 

Strong, effective, and incapacitating doesn’t automatically mean boring or masculine. We are changing the personal safety product category forever and when we say ‘so cute, it hurts’ we mean it!