Hot Pink Purse Pepper Spray is Everything RN


When I think of pink, I think of my spirit animal Elle Woods. She’s a top inspiration for this brand of products, and she embodies what I love about being a girl. Cute, smart, driven and funny. And when designing the products at, I always make sure that we have a few different options of Elle-worthy hot pink purse pepper spray for our customers to choose from.

“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.”

by Elle Woods

When we first launched the line in 2012, we came out with a rhinestone version of our hot pink purse pepper spray. And a couple of years ago, we created a hot pink studded pepper spray purse charm. All of the pepper sprays are designed to speak to any girl’s favorite color – whether it’s pink, purple, gold, rose gold – there is an option for any woman looking for that perfect safety accessory.


The reason we love our hot pink purse pepper spray is that you can actually put them on the outside of your handbag as opposed to having them roll around unattended inside your bag. Anyone who carries a big purse like me knows that things can get lost in there. For like minutes at a time. Sometimes the search and rescue mission even requires a little flashlight (we have those too). Pepper spray won’t do you any good if it’s not in your hand, in the fire position, when you actually need to use it. I think it’s because of the added functionality of a pepper spray that doubles as a purse charm, is why our hot pink purse pepper spray is one of our best-sellers in our collection! Hot pink purse pepper spray will always be a staple in our Blingsting pepper spray collection and it’s so fun to think about what that will look like as we constantly change and update our design treatments to follow the trends.

Andi Atteberry
CEO and Owner of Blingsting