Can't Go Wrong with This

You Can’t Go Wrong with Pepper Spray for Women's Safety

Andi Atteberry 
CEO and Founder of Blingsting

The stats are alarming. Every 98 seconds, someone is raped or is the victim of attempted rape in the US. 90% of those victims are women. It happens to women of all ages, with girls ages 18-24 four times more likely to be attacked than any other age group.

That is why pepper spray for women’s safety is so important. Pepper spray keychains are and will continue to be such an important tool in your self-defense gadget collection. Pepper spray keychains give women a reliable, effective, and user-friendly option when it comes to protecting themselves. While many women may shy away from carrying a handgun, most of us realize that pepper spray can and will stop an oncoming threat when used correctly and at the right time. It takes practice and planning though, and we encourage our customers to practice at home using one of our water units.

And because pepper spray for women’s safety is such a staple, companies like Blingsting are gearing the product sets to get women’s attention. We know that women like things in nice packages, and so the look and feel of our brand is very important in engaging her in her own personal safety.

While we know that pepper spray for women’s safety is not going to always be the answer, it’s a first step in the right direction. Having a Blingsting pepper spray on your handbag, for example, is a very clear (and cute) reminder that being safe takes planning and accountability. It’s the split-second reminder to stay off your phone while walking alone on campus or exercising extra caution when getting into your next rideshare. Disaster can strike any woman at any time. It’s important at Blingsting that we help our customers understand that being prepared, smart, and safe is just as important as looking super-cute!